DSim Cloud Interactive Workspaces

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DSim Cloud Interactive Workspaces

A DSim Cloud Interactive workspace provides a flow that is equivalent to local simulation work. It synchronizes the local workspace to a remote workspace and accepts commands to be executed on this remote workspace.

For more information on workspaces, see the Understanding Workspaces article.

Starting an Interactive Workspace

When Starting an Interactive workspace, DSim Cloud will create a remote workspace in the cloud dedicated and on standby for your use. This is accomplished with the mdc workspace start command. For more information, see the workspace start article.

Viewing Workspaces

The Workspaces menu will allow you to view all your non-destroyed workspaces and their current status. Refresh the webpage to update.

Local Workspace Path

This is the path where you executed mdc workspace start to create your local workspace. This will remain visible for any Active or Paused workspaces, even if you have deleted the folder from your local machine.


This is the configuration of your remote cloud compute upon workspace creation.


This is the status of your workspace. It can be either Active, Paused, or Pending (workspace is initializing).

Destroying Workspaces

You can destroy any Active and Paused workspaces by clicking the Destroy button next to the workspace. A window will pop up to confirm your action. This allows you to destroy "orphaned" workspaces whose local workspace .mdc directory was deleted before the workspace was destroyed. You can also use mdc workspace destroy for existing local workspace directories to destroy your workspace.

All other workspace operations are done through the DSim Cloud CLI (mdc).

Remote Timeout

Remote Timeout automatically pauses your workspace when the remote workspace has been idle for a certain amount of time so you do not incur charges afterwards. By default, the timeout is 20 minutes, but can be changed during workspace initialization with mdc init --timeout. See the DSim Cloud CLI initialize command for details. Idle time is defined as the time since the last remote command completed:

  1. mdc initialize
  2. mdc list
  3. mdc dsim
  4. mdc dvhcom
  5. mdc dvlcom
  6. mdc dlib
  7. mdc dvhencrypt
  8. mdc dvlencrypt
  9. mdc envs
  10. mdc workspace resume

The time spent executing these remote commands, ie. running a simulation, does not count as idle time. You will be charged for the minutes of idle time before the Remote Timeout kicks in.

After Remote Timeout kicks in, both mdc and your DSim Cloud portal Workspaces will indicate that the workspace was paused due to inactivity (idle) with a status like this:

Pause Reason: Inactive for 20mins | Account restriction

In order to resume your work, enter mdc workspace resume.

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