RELEASE: 1.12.0

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RELEASE: 1.12.0

The 1.12.0 release of DSim Cloud works towards a better CLI experience as well as a big improvement in waveform viewing performance.

Clarifying Workspaces

There has been confusion around the concept of workspace. Local workspace folders vs Cloud Interactive workspaces vs Cloud Jobs workspaces. This release brings updates to the mdc CLI tool to clarify things and be more consistent with terminology all around.

The changes are backwards compatible but some commands and options have been deprecated. They will continue to work as is until a future v2.0 release will remove the old behaviors. You are encouraged to update to using the new ways in preparation

Waveform Improvements

Viewing waveforms is even snappier than it was before. The difference may not be noticeable for small wave files, but for large ones, you'll notice a significant performance improvement.

Below is the complete list of features and bugs contained within the release.


The DSim Cloud 1.12.0 release contains the following highlights:


  • 7 Features Included
  • 2 Bugs fixed
  • 2 MEDIUM Severity


Features Included

ID Release Note Availability*
S1311 Option to inititialize a local workspace without creating a Cloud Interactive workspace. CLI Update
S1312 New command to start a Cloud Interactive workspace. CLI Update
S1327 Display of local workspace path on all mdc cloud commands for clarity.. CLI Update
S1340 Deprecation of mdc resume command. Will be removed in a future release. CLI Update
S1342 DSim Cloud workspaces now include 50GB of workspace storage. Initialize
S1343 Major performance improvement for viewing large wave files. Immediate
S1347 Improved mdc status output including information about jobs and cloud interactive workspaces. CLI Update


Bug Fixes Included:

ID Release Note Severity Availability*
B1153 Fixes an in issue where in some circumstances destroying a DSim Cloud workspace from the Portal failed. MEDIUM Immediate
B1190 Fixes download output message displaying an incorrect filename. MEDIUM CLI Update


* To obtain a new feature/fix, one or more user actions may be required. See the below table for a legend providing details on the various "availability" values.

Availability User Action(s) Needed
Immediate No action is needed. Feature/fix will be seen immediately.
CLI Update The latest DSim Cloud CLI (mdc) must be installed
Resume DSim Cloud Interactive workspace must be paused and then resumed
Initialize DSim Cloud Interactive workspaces must be destroyed and initialized again

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