Understanding DSim Cloud

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Understanding DSim Cloud

DSim Cloud is the secure and scalable solution for running your regression tests at scale without needing to manage the infrastructure required to run them. There are two areas of DSim Cloud. DSim Cloud Jobs is for running regressions and ideal for automated flows. DSim Cloud Interactive provides a dedicated interactive remote workspace for running simulations.

DSim Cloud Jobs

The Jobs workflow is designed for efficiently compiling and executing simulations repeatedly and reliably. Its versatility makes it suitable for tasks ranging from simple individual simulations to complex, large-scale operations.

Cloud compute resources are provisioned just-in-time for executing jobs and design files are copied to the cloud and made available to for simulation. Generated files you wish to preserve can be saved as output artifacts. When a jobs complete, output artifacts are collected then all other files are fully removed from the cloud.

There is nothing to manage or clean up for Cloud Jobs and billing is per minute of simulation time.

DSim Cloud Interactive

Cloud Interactive offers a powerful cloud-based environment that seamlessly integrates your local workspace containing your design files, with a robust remote workspace equipped with compute resources and DSim. It ensures that your local files are synced with the remote workspace, enabling remote command execution and downloading of results such as wave and log files back to your local setup.

Design files are on the remote system for the life of the remote workspace. Cloud Interactive workspaces can be paused to save cost and destroy to fully remove all traces of design files.

You manage the state of a Cloud Interactive workspace and billing is per minute of active remote workspace.

For more information on file synchronization, see DSim Cloud File Synchronization. For more information on workspaces, see Understanding Workspaces.

DSim Cloud CLI

DSim Cloud CLI (mdc) is the command-line tool for DSim Cloud. It allows you to securely work with DSim Cloud to manage your regression jobs and interactive workspaces, including running simulations and transferring files.


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