Understanding Workspaces

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Understanding Workspaces

Local Workspace

The local directory that is used by DSim Cloud is called the local workspace. This workspace is where configuration for DSim Cloud and DSim Desktop projects live. Files in the local workspace are what get synchronized to DSim Cloud remote workspaces. The local workspace should contain all design files. This can typically be the root directory used for source control.

See more at How To: Choose your DSim Cloud local workspace.

DSim Cloud Interactive Workspaces

A Cloud Interactive workspace provides a flow that is equivalent to local simulation work. It synchronizes the local workspace to a remote workspace and accepts commands to be executed on this remote workspace. Commands executed can generate files on the remote workspace (e.g. waveform DBs, new files, elaborated design, logs, etc...). Files generated on the remote workspace can then be download to a local workspace for viewing or feeding to other downstream tools. For more information, see DSim Cloud Interactive Workspaces

Remote Workspace

The synchronized remote version of the local workspace contains the files synced from the local workspace as well as any files created by remote commands (artifacts).

The remote workspace is persistent and stored for the user until the workspace is explicitly destroyed. The contents are only modified by user interaction, whether implicit (by syncing) or explicit (executing commands, or an explicit purge command).

The remote workspace is always found in the remote path: /remote/work

Viewing Workspaces

The Workspaces menu will allow you to view all your non-destroyed workspaces and their current status. Refresh the webpage to update.

DSim Cloud Jobs Workspaces

Cloud Jobs provides the ability to run a set of tasks using local workspace files as the start. Files are copied up once before the job begins and made available to the first task in the job. Once a job is submitted the local workspace is no longer accessed.

Remote Workspace

The first task in a job gets all the files synced from the local workspace. Any subsequent tasks can make use of dependencies and input artifacts to have files copied in from previous tasks.

The remote workspace for all tasks is always found in the remote path: /remote/work

See Task Dependencies for more information on passing files from one task to another.

Remote Packages

Predefined tools and IP libraries are available to job tasks and Cloud Interactive workspaces. These are provided to save having to upload popular sources files. Precompiled libraries are also provided to save having to compile popular libraries.

The remote packages are available read-only and can be found in the remote path: /remote/packages

See Introduction to DSim Cloud Packages for more information on available packages and precompiled libraries.

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