1.3.0: Release Notes

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1.3.0: Release Notes

The DSim Cloud Platform's Release 1.3.0 includes an important feature that automatically pauses idle remote workspaces after 20 minutes of inactivity. This helps prevent unwanted costs for users who leave their workspaces idle. The workspace is considered idle only when no remote commands are running.

With this release, users can manage their workspaces more easily from the Web Portal and can now use up to 5 active workspaces instead of just 1. Metrics is committed to providing a cost-effective cloud RTL simulation solution, and this release is a step towards ensuring that simulation spend is saved for when it's needed.

Below is the complete list of features and bugs contained within the release.


The DSim Cloud 1.3.0 release contains the following highlights:


  • 3 Features Included
  • 1 Bugs fixed
  • 1 MEDIUM Severity

Features Included

ID Release Note Availability*
S767 Automatic pausing of interactive workspaces after 20 minutes inactivity. Initialize, CLI Update
S901 Update payment method from the Web Portal Immediate
S938 Default DSIM version is now 20230116.13.0 Initialize

Bug Fixes Included:

ID Release Note Severity Availability*
B742 Sequential environment variables were not expanding correctly in remote commands MEDIUM Immediate

* To obtain a new feature/fix, one or more user actions may be required. See the below table for a legend providing details on the various "availability" values.

Availability User Action(s) Needed
Immediate No action is needed. Feature/fix will be seen immediately.
CLI Update The latest DSim Cloud CLI (mdc) must be installed
Resume DSim Cloud Interactive workspace must be paused and then resumed
Initialize DSim Cloud Interactive workspaces must be destroyed and initialized again

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