RELEASE: 1.11.0

Modified on Tue, 9 Jul at 6:08 PM

RELEASE: 1.11.0

The DSim Cloud 1.11.0 focuses on providing a clearer view of the three way DSim can be used. This includes a tight integration in managing licenses for using DSim locally on your system. It includes enhanced functionality for the Desktop Interactive feature, allowing users to view live usage, manage DSim Desktop licenses, and automatically install DSim licenses.

You'll now find a view in DSim Cloud for each of the three ways you can use the DSim simulator.

Desktop Interactive: For using DSim on your local machine

Cloud Jobs: For running regressions in the cloud

Cloud Interactive: For using DSim with a dedicated cloud workspace.

This release coincides with the launch of the new help portal which includes an improved knowledge base. We're also launching a new community forum where Metrics support staff as well as the community of DSim users can ask and answer questions about the whole DSim product lineup.

Below is the complete list of features and bugs contained within the release.


The DSim Cloud 1.11.0 release contains the following highlights:


  • 5 Features Included
  • 6 Bugs fixed
  • 1 HIGH Severity
  • 5 MEDIUM Severity


Features Included

ID Release Note Availability*
S1219 Desktop Interactive - View live usage Immediate
S1244 Desktop Interactive - Manage DSim Desktop licenses Immediate
S1258 Desktop Interactive - Automatic DSim license installation Immediate
S1287 Cloud Jobs - Underscores now permitted in task names Immediate
S1331 Support - Launch of help portal including knowledge base and community forum Immediate


Bug Fixes Included:

ID Release Note Severity Availability*
B757 DSim Cloud - Fixes an issue that prevented a new user from getting their DSim Cloud trial credits properly MEDIUM Immediate
B1060 Fixed an issue causing some job file validation rules to be missed. MEDIUM Immediate
B1064 Fixes an issue where an empty was causing a system error MEDIUM Immediate
B1083 Cloud Jobs - Fixes an issue where task.depends as a string was passing schema validation MEDIUM Immediate
B1096 Cloud Jobs - Fixes an issue where the mdc list command was implicitly creating a local workspace HIGH CLI Update
B1128 Cloud Jobs - Fixes an issue where input artifacts from different tasks with the same name were failing the job MEDIUM Immediate


* To obtain a new feature/fix, one or more user actions may be required. See the below table for a legend providing details on the various "availability" values.

Availability User Action(s) Needed
Immediate No action is needed. Feature/fix will be seen immediately.
CLI Update The latest DSim Cloud CLI (mdc) must be installed
Resume DSim Cloud Interactive workspace must be paused and then resumed
Initialize DSim Cloud Interactive workspaces must be destroyed and initialized again

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