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DSim Cloud is billed on a per-minute basis. The definition of "minute" depends on the type of usage: either Interactive usage or Jobs usage.

Interactive usage is when you are using a remote workspace to iteratively develop and debug your design. The minutes billed are the minutes your remote workspace is active, so you should pause or destroy it when you're not using it, in order to not incur charges.

Jobs usage is when you run simulations using job submissions rather than remote workspaces. The minutes billed are the minutes your simulations are executing.

See DSim Cloud Pricing for current pricing. All prices and dollar values are in USD.

Getting Started

After you sign up for DSim Cloud, you can manage your billing account through the DSim Cloud Portal.

You will be given a credit during your free trial. The credit will display as a dollar value in a banner at the top of your DSim Cloud Portal. As you use up your minutes, your credit will decrease, and the current dollar value can be obtained by refreshing the Portal’s homepage or clicking on another link of the Portal and then back to the homepage.

Restricted Account

When your credit reaches zero, or your billing account is not in good standing, your DSim Cloud account will become Restricted. This means:

  • You will not incur further charges
  • Your remote workspace will be paused
  • You will be unable to execute remote DSim Cloud CLI (mdc) commands

When you exit the Restricted account (see how in Paid Account), you can continue using DSim Cloud by executing mdc workspace start.

Paid Account

At any time, you can change your account to a Paid account by clicking the Upgrade Now button in your Portal. If you have any credit left over from your free trial, it will be automatically transferred over to your Paid account. Simply enter your credit card details to activate your Paid account. All charges will be billed to this credit card and show up as "METRICS".


Once your Paid account has been activated, you can view your Billing Information by clicking it from the Profile icon at the bottom left-hand corner of your Portal.

From here, you can see your billing Overview, Payment Method, and Invoices. All dollar amounts are in USD, and your usage will be displayed in terms of hours in your invoices. You can add or change your billing address and payment method in the Payment Method tab. Your invoices are monthly and can be downloaded from the Invoices tab.

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