Tutorial: Regressions

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Tutorial: Regressions


DSim Cloud empowers regressions to automate the simulation of your designs. After completing the Tutorial for Interactive usage, you are ready to go through this tutorial for Regression usage.

You do not need an active remote workspace to run regressions. Billing is different for Regression and Interactive usage.


1. Create a job file using YAML convention and syntax. See Jobs for details.

2. Put the job file somewhere in your project's local workspace. For example, put carry_lookahead_adder.yml in /carry_lookahead_adder from the carry_lookahead_adder design.

3. Initialize a local workspace and use mdc job submit to execute your job. For example,


mdc init --local-only
mdc job submit carry_lookahead_adder.yml


A unique auto-generated job-id will be displayed in your terminal for every job submitted. Note this job-id and use it for all subsequent job commands for a particular job. For example,


Job Submitted.
Job Id: carry-lookahead-adder-xxxxx


4a. Use mdc job status to view the current status of your job. Run it everytime you want to refresh the status. For example,


mdc job status carry-lookahead-adder-xxxxx


4b. Alternatively, use mdc job status with the -w option to view the status of your job. This will auto-refresh the status, but blocks you from executing anymore commands until the entire job is complete. So you may want to open another terminal in your local workspace if you want to execute commands while the job is running. For example,


mdc job status carry-lookahead-adder-xxxxx -w


5. Once a task is completed, optionally use mdc job log to view the captured output from that task. For example,


mdc job log carry-lookahead-adder-xxxxx run-sv-1


6. Once a task is completed, use mdc job download to download any artifacts from that task. For example,


mdc job download carry-lookahead-adder-xxxxx log-sv


7. Once a task is completed, use mdc job wave to view any waveform artifacts from that task. For example,


mdc job wave carry-lookahead-adder-xxxxx waves-sv-1


8. Debug your job and modify your job file as required and repeat steps 3 to 7.

9. Repeat steps 1 to 8 for new jobs. Jobs can be executed in parallel. Use mdc job list to list the jobs. By default, only the latest 10 jobs are listed, from newest to oldest, from your current local workspace.


mdc job list


10. Use mdc job kill to kill a running job. For example,


mdc job kill carry-lookahead-adder-xxxxx


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