DSim Cloud Xilinx Vivado Library Package

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DSim Cloud Xilinx Vivado Library Package


The Vivado library is supplied by Metrics (using the standard libraries available by Xilinx) and is made available to users on-demand in the remote workspace. The library package is equivalent to the folders under the Vivado installation folder Xilinx/Vivado/<version>/data.

For more information on the Xilinx Vivado library functionality see the Xilinx Vivado website.

Accessing the Vivado Library

DSim Cloud comes with Vivado ML Enterprise 2022.1 and 2021.1. To load the Vivado package, uncomment the Vivado package entry in your mdc_config.yml:


    - name: vivado
      version: "2022.1"


By default, DSim Cloud is configured to use Vivado 2022.1. To use a different version, change the version field to "2021.1" in your mdc_config.yml:


    - name: vivado 
      version: "2021.1"


To see how to change your mdc_config.yml, see DSim Cloud Configuration.

Loading a Vivado package also maps the corresponding precompiled libraries.

When the Vivado package is loaded, an environment variable VIVADO_HOME is set, which points to the current version being used by the remote workspace. It is equivalent to the path of the Vivado installation folder Xilinx/Vivado/<version>/.

To see which version of the Vivado library is being used currently:



mdc envs | findstr VIVADO_HOME


Linux / Mac


mdc envs | grep VIVADO_HOME


To access the Vivado library, use %VIVADO_HOME% in your DSim commands. For example:


mdc dvlcom -a '%VIVADO_HOME%/data/gated/xilinx/axi_c2c_v1_0/hdl/axi_c2c_v1_0_rfs.v'


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