User Guide: DSim Cloud CLI list command

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User Guide: DSim Cloud CLI list command



mdc list | ls | dir [options]


This command will list out details of the files and folders in the remote workspace directory. Typically this would be a mirror of your local workspace. However, if you have run a simulation in this directory, you'll also see the artifacts that were generated by DSim Cloud.

From the example tutorial, this is what the sim folder on the remote workspace would show after executing mdc list.


Path to a remote folder under /remote/work/. The path can be an environment variable.


In your mdc_config.yml, you have set the environment variable RESULTS_DIR to sim/results and this folder already exists in your local workspace directory my_project/.


RESULTS_DIR: sim/results


You specified the location of your simulation log file and waveform file during compilation from your local workspace directory:


my_project> mdc dsim -a '-F filelist.txt +acc+b -l %RESULTS_DIR%/my_sim.log -waves %RESULTS_DIR%/my_waves.vcd'


You want to list the contents of the remote folder where these artifacts were generated without changing your local directory:


my_project> mdc list %RESULTS_DIR%


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