User Guide: DSim Cloud CLI auth login command

Modified on Wed, 26 Jun at 3:18 PM

User Guide: DSim Cloud CLI auth login command



mdc auth login [options]


The mdc auth login command allows you to authenticate to Metrics by opening a web browser and prompting users to provide log in credentials.

If you are a new user, this command will also allow you to sign up and create an account with Metrics.

During authentication, the terminal where this command is executed is blocked from entering further commands until the authentication process has been completed.

After authentication occurs, a ~/.config/metrics-ca (MacOS/Linux) or %APPDATA%/metrics-ca/ (Windows) will be created on your local machine that contains authentication information. This directory should not be modified and, if it is, you will need to re-authenticate to Metrics by running the mdc auth login command again.

NOTE: If you, for any reason, exits the authentication process prematurely (e.g. Ctrl+C at the terminal window), your credentials will be removed from your machine. You will be required to re-authenticate to continue using DSim Cloud.





mdc auth login


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