User Guide: DSim Cloud CLI workspace start command

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User Guide: DSim Cloud CLI workspace start command



mdc workspace start [options]


This command will fail when run against a directory that is not initialized as a local workspace. See mdc initialize --local-only

The workspace start command will start a remote workspace in the cloud that is a clone of the local workspace.

If the local workspace is newly initialized or is linked to a remote workspace that was previously destroyed then a new remote workspace will be started. The process of starting a remote workspace in the cloud can take up to 4 minutes to complete. During startup you will see informative messages printed to the local terminal indicating the steps being undertaken during the process.

When starting a new remote workspace, all files within the local workspace (other than those specified in the sync_ignore file) will be automatically synchronized to the remote workspace. For more information on the file synchronization process see the DSim Cloud File Synchronization article.

There are several predetermined configurations available to choose from (memory, CPUs) for the remote workspace and details can be found in DSim Cloud CLI remote cloud compute configuration.

Attempting to start in a directory without write permission will fail with an error printed to the screen.

If the local workspace is linked to a workspace that has been paused then this command will resume the remote workspace.

For more information on workspaces, see the Understanding Workspaces article.


--size s4 | -s s4 Initialize an s4 remote cloud compute with 4GB RAM.

--size s8 | -s s8 Initialize an s8 remote cloud compute with 8GB RAM.

If no options are given, initialize an s4 remote cloud compute.

Your cost varies depending on the remote cloud compute chosen. See DSim Cloud Pricing for current pricing. All prices and dollar values are in USD.

--timeout | -t <timeout> Initialize with a remote timeout different than the default 20 minutes.

The value of timeout is in minutes and must be a positive integer between 1 and 120.


mdc workspace start

mdc workspace start -s s8

mdc workspace start --timeout 65

mdc workspace start -s s4 -t 30

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