1.5.0: Release Notes

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1.5.0: Release Notes

This release adds a couple of new handy features to the DSim Command Line(mdc) tool. Previously activity timeouts were rolled out to help keep costs of interactive workspaces down. Workspaces get automatically paused if left idle for 20 minutes. Now that timeout value can be set when initializing a workspace. If you prefer shorter or longer timeouts, just use the new -t option on the init command.

There's also a new mdc job list command to output jobs that have been submitted. Make use of this to track the status of multiple jobs at once or to just get an overview of all your regression activity.

This release also provides further support for workspaces with large files in excess of hundreds of megabytes.

Below is the complete list of features and bugs contained within the release.


The DSim Cloud 1.5.0 release contains the following highlights:


  • 3 Features Included
  • 2 Bugs fixed
  • 2 MEDIUM Severity

Features Included

ID Release Note Availability*
S887 New job list command to view all submitted jobs. CLI Update
S971 Improved support for large files in a workspace. Initialize, CLI Update
S995 Customizable activity timeouts Initialize, CLI Update

Bug Fixes Included:

ID Release Note Severity Availability*
B769 On some occassions, workspace management commands were taking longer than acceptable. MEDIUM Immediate
B805 File sync was failing when files contained spaces in the path. MEDIUM Initialize

* To obtain a new feature/fix, one or more user actions may be required. See the below table for a legend providing details on the various "availability" values.

Availability User Action(s) Needed
Immediate No action is needed. Feature/fix will be seen immediately.
CLI Update The latest DSim Cloud CLI (mdc) must be installed
Resume DSim Cloud Interactive workspace must be paused and then resumed
Initialize DSim Cloud Interactive workspaces must be destroyed and initialized again

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