How To: Use UVM in a Simulation

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How To: Use UVM in a Simulation

1. Include uvm_macros.svh and import the UVM package in all your design files that require them by including these 2 lines at the top of your design file:


`include "uvm_macros.svh"
import uvm_pkg::*;


2. Put the UVM code in your include file path and compile the UVM package by using the -uvm <uvm_version> option, along with your design files, where <uvm_version> is one of 1.2, 1.1d, or 1.1b. :


mdc dsim -a '-genimage image -uvm <uvm_version> ...'


3. Load the UVM DPI library by using the -uvm <uvm_version> option, and UVM testcase during runtime:


mdc dsim -a '-image image -uvm <uvm_version> +UVM_NO_RELNOTES +UVM_TESTNAME=...'


For more information on using UVM, refer to the article User Guide: DSim Using Verification Frameworks: UVM.

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