How To: Choose your DSim Cloud local workspace

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How To: Choose your DSim Cloud local workspace

The local workspace on your local machine should be selected according to the files and directories required to run simulations. You should choose a location high enough in their directory structure that it contains all the needed files. Once a local workspace has been selected, it becomes the "source of truth" and all files and directories within it will be synchronized to the remote storage.

Consider the example directory structure below, which is taken from the DSim Cloud Tutorial example design. This directory structure contains three versions of the same design:

  • carry_lookahead_adder-main/SystemVerilog (SystemVerilog only)

  • carry_lookahead_adder-main/VHDL (VHDL only)

  • carry_lookahead_adder-main/VHDL_SystemVerilog (mixed SystemVerilog/VHDL)

What if I choose VHDL_SystemVerilog as my local workspace?

If a local workspace is initialized at location VHDL_SystemVerilog, then you will be able start a remote workspace and execute DSim Cloud CLI commands from within the VHDL_SystemVerilog directory (and its subdirectories) and, as a result, can simulate that design only.

If you, then, changed to the SystemVerilog directory and attempted to execute any DSim Cloud CLI commands, you would no longer be in a local workspace and any commands would result in an error.

What if I create local workspaces in both VHDL_SystemVerilog and SystemVerilog?

While it is possible, and supported, to create two distinct local workspaces for two versions of the design, consider that each remote workspace will allocate storage, memory and compute on the remote side.

Rather than create and manage multiple, parallel interactive workspaces, it would be more advisable to have a single one created within a common parent directory.

For additional information on resources allocated to remote workspaces, see DSim Cloud CLI remote cloud compute configuration.

What if I create a local workspace at the carry_lookahead_adder-main location?

Initializing a single local workspace at this level will allow you to seamlessly move between all three versions of the above design, as well as choose an appropriate size for the remote workspace for all three at the time of startup.


As mentioned earlier in this article, care should be taken when selecting an appropriate local workspace. Please consider the following:

  1. Choose a local workspace that is high enough in the local directory structure to allow you complete access to all files that you will need for simulation.

  2. Avoid creating multiple local workspaces within a parent directory as creating a single local workspace would be more advisable.

While it is always possible to destroy a remote workspace using the mdc workspace destroy command and recreate the interactive workspace in another local directory, all remote workspace artifacts (waveforms, log files, etc.) will be deleted unless downloaded, via the mdc download command, in advance.

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