RELEASE: 1.9.0

Modified on Tue, 9 Jul at 6:08 PM

RELEASE: 1.9.0

This release brings a simple way to generate many simulation runs with a varying input value such as seed value. A new fanout property has been introduced on tasks in the job file. Define this and DSim Cloud will generate (i.e fanout) multiple tasks, each with a unique variable value. See a brief example of this in action here.

Below is the complete list of features and bugs contained within the release.


The DSim Cloud 1.9.0 release contains the following highlights:


  • 4 Features Included
  • 6 Bugs fixed
  • 1 HIGH Severity
  • 4 MEDIUM Severity


Features Included

ID Release Note Availability*
S1144 Task fanout. Scale out simulations with a single task definition. CLI Update
S1149 mdc job download can now download all artifacts for a job in one command. CLI Update
S1163 Limit of 25 task definitions per job. See fanout for tasks at scale. CLI Update
S1218 Default DSim version is now 20230925.10.0 Initialize


Bug Fixes Included:

ID Release Note Severity Availability*
B959 Incorrect state output for a specific type of job error. MEDIUM Immediate
B964 Sync issue with local git repositories that contain .gitignore files. MEDIUM CLI Update
B992 mdc job status watch would exist on an api call failure instead of continuing to check status. MEDIUM CLI Update
B1006 Syncing of larger workspaces on Windows failed in some circumstances. HOTFIX CLI Update
B1022 Error message wasn't clear when the work_dir for a job wasn't found at runtime. HIGH CLI Update


* To obtain a new feature/fix, one or more user actions may be required. See the below table for a legend providing details on the various "availability" values.

Availability User Action(s) Needed
Immediate No action is needed. Feature/fix will be seen immediately.
CLI Update The latest DSim Cloud CLI (mdc) must be installed
Resume DSim Cloud Interactive workspace must be paused and then resumed
Initialize DSim Cloud Interactive workspaces must be destroyed and initialized again

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