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Welcome to the Metrics Community Forums! We hope you can contribute to the revolution we've started in the EDA industry with our HDL simulation offerings: DSim Desktop, DSim, and DSim Cloud.

Some housekeeping notes about using our Forums and Support Portal:

  1. Anyone logged into our Support Portal can post a topic in our Forums.
  2. Try to post your topic in the appropriate Category (DSim Desktop, DSim, DSim Cloud, etc.) and Forum (eg. DSim Desktop -> Cloud Simulation). Admins may move your posts to the appropriate Category and Forum.
  3. For security reasons, we do not allow the following file types as attachments:
    • "Executable files" - exe, dll, sys, swf, scr, gzquar, js, jse, class, vb, com, bat, cmd, pif, img, iso, hta,  html,  msc,  msp,  cpl,  reg, tmp,  py,  ps,  msi,  msp,  inf, scf, ocx, bin, ws, sh, lnk, gadget, dmg, msh, apk, iqy, pub, jar
    • "Compression files" - zip, rar, sfx, zix, ear, war, arj
  4. Attachments are limited to 20MB per conversation (post, ticket, etc.).
  5. Mentions (@someone) do not work.
  6. If a post answers your topic, please mark it as the best answer.
  7. Once you've determined that a product feature is lacking, you can make a feature request in the Feature Requests and Feeback Forum in the appropriate Category. Users can upvote feature requests to help us prioritize them.
  8. Tickets and Article Feedback can only be submitted by customers with a paid Metrics account. You can sign up for a paid plan at https://app.metricsvcloud.com/activate.

Happy simulating!

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